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Get ready for the most intense escape game you can ever participate in ...

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Wizard Academy

Harry has been kidnapped and locked in Hogwarts Castle. Are you ready to rescue him?

2 - 10 players

8 10

Via Vittorio Emanuele III 51 (Piazza Municipio)


A famous Neapolitan journalist and writer has misteriously disappeared. You will have access to his office.

2 - 8 players

7 10

Via Vincenzo Bellini 60 (Piazza Dante)

Enigma of Time

In the Clock Tower something strange is happening. Police wonders about the strange characters who wander around the town.

2 - 10 players

9 10

Via Vittorio Emanuele III 51 (Piazza Municipio)


Naples, 2023. T-Virus has contaminated the planet. A group of survivors have received a radio message with some coordinates.

2 - 7 players
10 10

Via Vincenzo Bellini 60 (Piazza Dante)

Paranormal Detective

It’s months that nobody has any news of detective Dilan and his assistant: they have mysteriously disappeared during their investigations on a strange case.

2 - 10 players

8 10

Via Vittorio Emanuele III 51 (Piazza Municipio)

About us

  • The 5* reviews are well deserved. Had a brilliant night here. Room is so cleverly designed both challenging but fun. Easy for an English speaker too! Staff were so friendly and helpful. They even let us stay a bit longer to try and finish the room and walked us through the answers when we up!
  • We did this as we had a few hours to spare before our flight and it was so much fun! Wish I had booked the second escape room as well! It was really hard but they let us stay inside until we had finished which was really nice of them! Definitely recommend it!
  • Very challenging escape in Napel city Centre. Great puzzles and very nice game master. When we have the time we will visit their other room.
  • excellent room, we have been only 2 people, but you should be there 4 or 5 persons. cool room, we did 16 rooms before this and had a lot of fun in this one! some riddles were really hard and we enjoyed it!
  • We played two Rooms. Gomorra and Dylan Dog. Both Rooms had a nice decor and good riddles. Dylan Dog has one tricky part if you play only two players.. but we managed anyway. Staff was friendly and quick with their help. I would play there again


25 € per person (2 players)
20 € per person (3 players)
15 € per person (from 4 to 10 players)

Via Vincenzo Bellini, 60 (Piazza Dante), Naples

Via Vittorio Emanuele III, 51 (Piazza Municipio)

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