Is advanced reservation required?

Yes, an advance booking is needed for organizative reasons.

How can I book an escape room?

You can make a reservation on our website by clicking on "book now" button. Select the room, the day and timeslot that you prefer. It is not necessary to specify the number of players of your team. Through the website you will pay an advanced deposit that will be deduced from total price when u come to play. Please note that your reservation request has to be confirmed.

How long will the experience last?

Our escape games have a 60 minute time limit, if you are smart you will be able to escape sooner!

Are you opened on sundays?

We open every day, but advance reservation is needed. Just write us the day and time when you would like to play and we will check availabilities doing our best to match your request!

Which is the maximun number of players in each room? And the minimum?

The maximum and minimum suggested numbers of players are different depending on the room:

Gomorra from 2 to 8 players

Pandemia from 2 to 7 players

Enigma of time from 2 to 10 players

Paranormal detective from 2 to 10 players

Larger groups can split into two or more teams and play a time match!

Is the game suitable for children?

Yes, our rooms are enjoyable at all ages. Children from 8/9 years old can play by themselves, while younger children can play with an adult

How much does it cost?

Price is 18 euros per person for groups of at least 4 players. For a group of 3 players the cost is 24 euros per person. For a group of 2 players the cost is 30 euros per person

How big is the room?

You will find out playing! :) We prefer not to tell the details of our rooms, in order to avoid spoilers!

What if I don't feel well and I need to get out?

You can get out at any time, and there is always a member of our staff surveiling the game with cameras

What if we can't find the way to escape within 60 minutes?

You will have some extra time to finish the game, if possible

Where are you?

We have two locations in Napoli, in Via Vincenzo Bellini 60 (Piazza Dante) and in Via Vittorio Emanuele III 51(Piazza Municipio)

Which room is in Via Bellini, close to Piazza Dante?

In Via Bellini (piazza Dante) there are the rooms “Gomorra” and “Pandemia”

Which room is recommended for the first experience?

Gomorra, but the others are good as well.

Is the game suitable for a pregnant woman?

Yes, it is